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Co Founder & Creative Director

The story of GoldCoast skateboards starts back in 2009 when Brock Harris and Dustin Ortiz, alongside partners Nate Coan and Chris Brunstetter, started scheming to create a line of skateboards, which today has morphed into the timeless, clean designs that have become synonymous with the brand. Ortiz, who works out of Encinitas, California, and Harris, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, came together with a shared passion for skateboarding to build a solid brand that reflects the Southern California and Mountain culture.
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About GoldCoast
GoldCoast Skateboards is a Salt Lake City and California based company specializing in longboards, cruisers, transition skateboards, and fun on four wheels and two trucks. We love the fact that skateboards come in all shapes and sizes. Our approach to our products, whether it is a longboard, wheels, even a t-shirt is to convey a sense of fun with quality design and materials. 

Additional Credits
Brock Harris, Dan Christofferson, Jolby & Friends, Andrew Reyes
Photos: Steven Stone, David Troyer, Stone Crandall, Julian Martin, Chad Kirkland, Nate Gunn
Videos: Loren Brinton, Hidden Notice, Nate Gunn
Copywriting: Chris Brunstetter



2016 // A Single Push

When seeing something for the first time, there are certain things that have an immediate impact on the viewer that forever changes the way they see the world. Like the first time someone looked at an empty swimming pool, thought, “That is a concrete wave.” and decided to find a way to surf it. At GoldCoast, we look at the world as an endless playground to enjoy skateboarding and design our products accordingly. Park, street, ramp, bowl, pool, or hill, where ever your board takes you should be full of fun and freedom that you can’ t find anywhere else. The journey of 1,000 smiles begins with a single push.


2015 // Own Your Roll // Roll Your Own

As the Design Leader in Skateboarding™, we at GoldCoast strive to make the best looking, best performing skateboards on earth. Once they are in your hands however, they’re no longer just the culmination of hours of design, development, testing, re-testing, pushing, sliding, and rolling. It’s now YOUR skateboard. You decide what to do with it, and we think that’s a truly beautiful thing. So no matter how you use our products, all we ask is that you use them for maximum fun. It’s all yours now, own it.


2014 // The Design Leader in Skateboarding

Skateboarding and Design are at the core of GoldCoast. These two things touch nearly every part of our lives. Design is the language of our creativity, it is the starting point for all our products. We appreciate awareness of little details in our surroundings, our products, and our designs. Our enthusiasm can not be contained. We want to share stories, ideas, sessions and trips with our peers, and want them to do the same with us. The end goal is to have fun. We don’t do what we do for trophies, fame, or titles, we take it easy. Seriously.


2013 // A Ply Design

GoldCoast, A Ply Design.
We look at plywood a lot. It’s a primary ingredient of our products, as well as a brilliantly designed material. Two directions of veneers are pressed together to create something that is stronger than if they were all going one way. That idea permeates our whole mentality. Thethings we make combine the clean and considered elements of modern design with the emotional expression of art and photography. At it’s heart, skateboarding is the same way; technical yet improvisational and when done properly, looks effortless.


An inside look at the lives and personal spaces of GoldCoast’s Product Developer, Brock Harris and Art Director, Dustin Ortiz to showcase how the two opposites find their inspiration within their surroundings. Watch this video for a deeper look into the mash up of opposites that come together to create GoldCoast’s truly unique product. Filmed in partnership with Hidden Notice.



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Catalog & Seasonal Overview



Catalog & Seasonal Overview