Art Director, Designer & Artist


This is the most recent work by California base artist and graphic designer Dustin Ortiz.



Super honored and proud to be apart of this project. The Mattson 2 and Studio Zoo were creating the first ever full length Mattson 2 film and they asked me to be the Art Director. Its called Twinchronicity and will be shot entirely on GoPro cameras.


Twinchronicity is a feature film exploring the telepathic connection between the identical twin duo, the Mattson 2, their travels and performances, and the elemental ability that music plays in morphing humans into things that can create positive influence.


A major goal of Mattson 2 is to enrich lives and to encourage creativity as a way of life through music. They accomplish this by traveling to underprivileged environments with a program they call Creative Education Initiative. The film also follows the duo's conversations and performances with artists such as Tortoise, Ray Barbee, Tommy Guerrero, and Toro Y Moi. At the forefront of these experiences is The Mattson 2's mental bond they share as twins--A musical language that requires no words, just twin kinship, a drum kit, and a guitar steering spaceship that is Twinchronicity

For the past year we have been funding this film on our own and we have taken to as far as we can. So now we are looking for you support to finish the film right. So now we are reaching out to you to help join our project and make it a reality. We need help to finish filming Twinchronicity along with post production of the film including editing , animation and mastering the soundtrack.

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