Art Director, Designer & Artist


This is the most recent work by California base artist and graphic designer Dustin Ortiz.

Helshredica Bearings

I always have a fun time working on design projects, but this one was extra special. As the Design Director over at GoldCoast I get to work on a lot of fun skateboard projects. We've always produced our own bearings but never sold them separately. We finally decided to start selling them so we wanted to have some fun with it. Three different models, the higher end being a Swiss Bearing called the Helshredica

Introducing the Helshredica Swiss Precision Bearings
From Zurich to Zermatt, everyone knows that when you want precision, you can’t miss with Swiss. Helshredica Swiss Bearings by GoldCoast deliver maximum speed in minimalist design. Stainless steel cases, polyurethane races, Swiss level precision balls, and lubricant that makes the smallest hill feel like the Matterhorn.

Along with the Helshredica Swiss Bearings, we came out with the Rolleroid Bearings & VHS (Very High Speed) Bearings. Take a look at all of them at