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This is the most recent work by California base artist and graphic designer Dustin Ortiz.

Norden Summer Surf Wax

Haven't posted up anything in a while, not for the lack of work but because of the lack of time. Figured I would show a little something that just launched today. We shot this a couple weeks back for Norden for their new collaboration candle with OurCaste.


Growing up by the beach has left us with some of our better memories in life.  Whether it was hopping buses early in the morning to make it in time for dawn patrol, or coming home so fried from 8 hours at the beach that we looked like crispy bacon; all those youthful adventures make us miss being a kid.  We developed this surf wax scented candle with Norden in an attempt to bring everyone back to that place mentally at home; in between your coastal adventures in life now.  No reason you can’t have your whole house smell like the inside of the 15-year-old you’s backpack, right?

-Michael Quinones / Co-Founder ourCaste