Art Director, Designer & Artist

Yes. Snowboard Graphics

Art Direction


Client: YES. Snowboards
Chad Chomlack
Brand Direction: Alex Warburton

Designing snowboards was the ultimate childhood dream come true for me. I think the only one drop every year made them seem a little more special than any other product. I remember designing my first one around 2009 and spending probably 100 hours on it, stressing over every detail.
Around 2012 Romain DeMarchi had reached out to me to help with one of the boards for the at the time new YES. snowboards. I was beyond hyped. At the following SIA tradeshow I met Alex Warburton and the rest was history. I was their Art Director/Designer for about 4 seasons and I will always be apart of the YES family. 

Here is some of the boards, catalaogs and campaigns that we made.


2016 - 2017

2015 - 2016


2014 - 2015


2013 - 2014